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Video: Fiduciary Duty of Care

Directors of boards are held to a set of fiduciary responsibilities. Here’s what you need to know about the Duty of Care — in under 2.5 minutes. 

Video: The ideal board size

We’re often asked what the ideal board size is. Find out, and learn what happens if your board has too few or too many trustees. Taught by J. Larry Tyler, Chairman and CEO of Practical Governance Group. (Video: 2 min., 37 sec.) 

Governance challenges and lessons learned in rural healthcare

Governance challenges and lessons learned in rural healthcare

Lori Wightman, RN, FACHE, President of Mercy Hospital Ada in Oklahoma, has led community and critical-access hospitals in rural America. Given her background, Practical Governance Group set out to discover her opinion on which issues are more prevalent within hospitals in rural communities.

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