Although this interview took place on Oct. 17, 2011, it’s still relevant in 2017. Lorraine Chilvers, host of CFOradio interviews Ray Snead, D.SC., FHFMA, FACHE, CMPE, Vice Chairman of Practical Governance Group, about interim executive services and the lifestyle. At the time of the interview, Ray functioned as interim CFO of The Central Florida Health Alliance, serving Leesburg and The Villages in central Florida. Lasting about 50 minutes, the podcast starts with industry news.

Lorraine and Ray both worked at Tatum, an executive consulting services firm. Eventually, Ray proceeded with a career in interim executive services, while Lorraine went on to found Delaney Consulting and CFOradio.


This content appeared on CFOradio and Dr. Ray Snead’s blog, InterimCFO.